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We grow assets over the long-term through a powerful combination of public and private investments.

Market Open at the CSE Media Centre: Urbana Corporation Market Open at the CSE Media Centre: Urbana Corporation

Urbana Corporation (CSE:URB), the largest shareholder of the CSE, had the honour of being the first listed company to open the market in the brand-new CSE Media Centre.

The launch of the media centre coincides with the CSE’s 15-year anniversary as a recognized exchange, and it was a pleasure to share this momentous milestone with the Urbana team, including Chairman Thomas S. Caldwell.

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The FLEXIBILITY of EXCHANGE-TRADED STOCK: Investing with Urbana Corporation is instantaneous, like purchasing any other stock on an exchange. Divesting is just as easy. Neither activity is dependent upon the day’s closing prices, as is the case with mutual funds.

The EFFICIENCY of SIMPLICITY: Urbana Corporation is managed at lower operational cost than many mutual funds because new shares are not continually offered. We do not incur expenses such as daily valuations, fund offering documents, and the additional regulatory burdens of mutual funds. Thus, Urbana's fees are substantially lower than most accredited-investor pools and mutual funds.

The CONFIDENCE of FREQUENT INFORMATION FLOW: Urbana maintains a website showing current holdings updated weekly, keeping our clients informed and up-to-date. Typical mutual fund reporting is less frequent, leaving investors in the dark for significant periods about what they actually own.

The STRENGTH of STRATEGIC INVESTING: Our goal is achieving larger returns over time than can be accomplished with mutual funds. In effect, mutual fund managers invest demand money, so holdings must be liquid in order to match redemptions. This imposes a short-term view. However, because Urbana has the luxury of permanent capital, we can take a long-term view. When funds must sell to meet redemptions Urbana uses that short-term volatility to advantage.

The POWER of LEVERAGE: Leverage handled correctly can enhance returns and quickly meet opportunity. As an investment corporation, Urbana has the options of borrowing funds or issuing preferred shares.

The AGILITY of SCOPE: Opportunity exists elsewhere than the public markets. Currently, one of the more attractive areas in the investment spectrum is private equity. When private equity investment offers opportunity, Urbana is free and prepared to enter into that realm.

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2023 Report on business

Urbana is an investment company combining publicly traded securities with private investments. The proportions can vary with opportunities, market conditions, liquidations and reclassifications (e.g. IPOs or takeovers).

Urbana's investment time frames can vary from days to years. Given Urbana is a permanent asset entity the company can make and hold investments for significant periods of time.

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Executive Office:

Thomas S. Caldwell, C.M., President

Elizabeth Naumovski, Investor Relations

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