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Thomas S. Caldwell – Urbana Corporation – Voting Trust Agreement Thomas S. Caldwell – Urbana Corporation – Voting Trust Agreement

Toronto, Ontario – June 5, 2009 – On March 10, 2009 certain Caldwell Financial Ltd. (“CFL”) shareholders (the “Joint Actors”) each entered into a voting trust agreement with Thomas S. Caldwell (“TSC”) which grants TSC a power of attorney to vote the Urbana Corporation (“Urbana”) common shares beneficially owned by the Joint Actors which are subject to the voting trust agreement. As the result of a change to the number of Joint Actors who are parties to a voting trust agreement, the number of common shares controlled by TSC, together with the remaining Joint Actors, has decreased from 5,501,555 common shares or 55.02% to 4,508,322 common shares or 45.08% of Urbana’s total outstanding common shares.


For further information, please contact Thomas S. Caldwell (416) 595-9106.



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