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Urbana Corporation Releases Restricted “A” Shares & Normal Course Issuer Bid Update

Toronto, Ontario – October 1, 2008 – Urbana Corporation (“Urbana”) announces that those Urbana “A” shares, which have been restricted as to resale, now have all restrictions removed as of today.


The restricted Urbana “A” shares were issued as part of the December, 2007 roll-over of NYSE Euronext (“NYX”) shares, some of which were restricted as to trading until March, 2009. NYX today announced the removal of those restrictions, effective immediately, and Urbana is reflecting that action with its own shares.


The physical release of the restricted Urbana “A” shares may require up to a two week time period depending upon when Urbana receives “free” NYX shares. Urbana also announces that it has purchased 423,900 Urbana “A” shares, for cancellation, at a price of $1.50 as part of the company’s Normal Course Issuer Bid. Net asset value per share of Urbana’s shares as of September 30, 2008 is $2.34 per share, calculated on an after-tax basis.


Urbana is an investment corporation listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Urbana’s current focus is buying memberships and shares in private and public securities exchanges in North America and around the world.


On behalf of the Board,
Thomas S. Caldwell, C.M.


Please contact:
Elizabeth Naumovski, Investor Relations at 416-595-9106 for further information.

Net Assets per share
as of April 5, 2024
$4.82 +0.06 (+1.26%)
$5.31 -0.42 (-7.33%)